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This page is dedicated to what is currently in our incubator





We currently have one clutch in our incubator, and this is the result from our Female 100% het Pied who was bred to our 100% het Pied male and also our Fire Phantom male.

I really want the het Pied male to sire this clutch, but if we produce a Fire Phantom poss het Pied, this will also be very good, and a future breeding project and hope to prove out to be 100% het Pied!!


This was the first year this girl had been bred and she produced 8 good viable eggs and no slugs!!

The clutch is due to hatch 27th October which would be day 60, but we are expecting to see pippage and maybe heads on day 56, as all of our clutches this year have pipped on day 56 or there abouts!