Care Sheet

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Below is a basic caresheet for Royal Pythons, as all Royal Pythons are different, a combination of the below would be needed.




Choosing to right enclosure will depend on a few factors, which include space, budget and your Royal Python. The space and budget factor is self explanitory, but choosing the right enclosure to suit your Royal Python will depend on the size and eating habits of your Royal Python, and some of the time this will require 'Trial and Error'.


For example, your Royal Python could feed with no problem in a 18 Litre RUB, but if put into a 3ft Vivarium, it may refuse to eat, so a better option may be to put your Royal Python into a 33 Litr RUB?


For most adult Royal Pythons a 3ft Vivarium or a 50 Litre RUB would be all you need to house them.


They would also require a hide or two, a water bowl and something to aid shedding.




As you know Royal Pythons are Cold Blooded and are unable to self regulate their own body temperature, so heat must be provided at all times, and failure to do so will often result in illness and could also be fatal!!


Royal Pythons should be given the option of a warm and cool end in their enclosure, the warm end should be between 30-32°C or 86-90°F And the cool end should be 25-27°C or 77-80°F, this will help them self regulate their body temperature.


Heating can be provided in a few ways, and this will depend mostly on which enclosure you have choosen to house your Royal.


The most common used are Ceramic/Light Heat Bulb and Heat Mat, and should always be used in conjuction with a suitable Thermostat, and failure to use a Thermostat could result in seriuosly burning your Royal!!

Also if you are using a Ceramic/Light Heat Bulb, these should always be used with a Bulb Guard, and again failure to do so will result is seriously burning your Royal!!




The most common food items for Royals are either Rats or Mice, and size of prey you offer with be determined by the size of your Royal, we use the method of offering our Royals food which is 10-15% of the Royals weight, for example, if our Royal weighed 1000g then we would offer a meal which weighs 100g-150g, which would result in offering a small rat.

Another method used is to offer prey which is 1.5 times the girth of your Royal.


The frequency in which you offer food will be determind by age,size and eating habits of your Royal Python.

We offer our hatchlings food every 5 days, and once they start taking Rat Weaners we reduce the frequency to every 7 days, and we offer our adults food every 7-10 days depending on their eating habits. To find the ideal frequency of which you feed your Royal will require 'Trial and Error' to determine the best for your Royal.


Clean water should also be available to your Royal at all times.




Royal Pythons require humidity to be around 50-60%, but maybe required to be raised a little during their shedding cycle. This can be done by lightly spraying their enclosure with water.




On occasion, your Royal may fall ill, which could consist of R.I. ( Respiratory Infection), Scale Rot, Burns, De-Hydration, Mites and Cuts. If you are unsure how to treat any of these, then a trip to the vet would be advised!!


This is a very basic Care Sheet for keeping a Royal Python and hope it has been informative.